"Combining the drawing style of Jip Piet Hilhorst and the writing skills of Ahren James Fregia results in an experience that will make your intestines shiver and your anus flatulate as your bowels start to move towards full climactic toilet experiences"

"Title Pending"

"You can't just put out the first thing that falls out of your ass, you have to take your sweet time to produce shit that people will actually enjoy when its forced down their throats".

After the loss of his best friend, father and roommate, Ahren James Fregia started to write a book to deal with his frustrations the death had brought him. He forgot all about it during a transition phase of one apartment to the other. It also did not help that he was highly intoxicated most of the time whilst writing. 

Give or take six years later after yet another transition he started to plough through boxes of accumulated shit, as one does accumulate over time. He came across a notebook filled with hard to read words that together formed a story. Without any recollection of actually writing the book but merely a faint feeling of having ever started to write it he continued his endeavor into the obscure world he at first dubbed as 'Title Pending'. 

After re-uniting with his childhood friend and artist Jip Piet Hilhorst in a bar located near a suburb of the city they both grew up in, Ahren asked him to draw a cover for his long overdue project. When Jip laid eyes on the book he became inspired to create something more than just a cover. 

Thus, Lavender & Mint was born..

A book, a comic, a feeling and maybe even for some, a way of life. Read the book for free or support the project by buying the Comics or other Merchandise! 

Like a ladies red week, the chapters will appear once a month.