Cat Cut Your Tongue

“There's no ending. For you there will never be an ending.” A thick, hot liquid was dripping from my nose as I regained consciousness. Like someone had just made his own yogurt and was pouring the still hot culture over my head. The sound of metal objects in the background lightly bumping into wood made my waking extra uncomfortable as my swollen eyes started to open. “Your suffering will be endless” the voice proclaimed. 

An indescribable pain started shooting through my left wrist as my mouth opened to reveal my screams had been silenced and only the sound of air gargling through saliva and escaping my throat could be heard. No point in asking where I was. The pain dissipated but was quickly followed by a soldering heat like someone was sticking my left hand in a frying pan. The smell of burnt bacon surrounded me as the excruciating pain made my adrenergic receptors start binding to every available epinephrine my body could produce. My eyes blurry from the tears and sweat spraying out of my pores. 

I drifted back into sweet slumber when a loud clap from a door woke me back up. Adrenaline rushing from my core towards my brain and muscles dialating my pupils to reveal my left hand being free while the rest of my limbs where tied to a wooden chair. I tried to untie my right wrist only to discover my left hand laying on my lap as my left wrist is poking at my right. My silent screams drowned out by the sound of cracking wood banging against a cement floor. 

The bone sticking out of my left wrist suddenly catches underneath the bondage tied around my right wrist and slightly cuts into it. Like a mother lifting a car to save her child, my right hand balled into a fist and started ripping apart the bondage's as my left side Ulna sticking from said sides wrist cuts deeper and deeper into the bondage's eventually freeing my right hand as-well. 

A moment of joy and hope quickly followed by fear and anxiety as footsteps coming from behind started getting louder and louder. The door slammed open and as a shadow-like silhouette ran towards the back of me my sorrow filled body stood up out of the chair and jumped backwards while turning my whole body clockwise. As I turned around my right hand grabbed the first piece of silhouette it could reach as the weight of the chair still attached to both legs stopped my propelled body in mid flight. 

My left wrist started jabbing at the silhouette as the Ulna sticking from it started penetrating any soft tissue it could, while both our bodies slammed into the concrete beneath us. My mouth trying to muster words of anger and disbelieve as the gray concrete beneath us started turning crimson red in the light of the forty watt halogen light bulb dangling back and forth from the ceiling. A cat face appeared in-front of me as the silhouette fully collapsed and exhaled its final carbon-dioxide and nitrogen. 

Two human eyes wide open stared at me through what seemed to be a mask made from cut up pieces of feline stitched together and fashioned into an 'eyes wide shut' style mask. The last thing I heard was a cat purring as my eyesight weakened and my consciousness faded away.